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According to published studies, humour could be the most effective marketing tool ever…

The benefits of humour in the business world, education and even in medicine, has been proven over and over again. A Forbes article quoted a Robert Half International Survey that 91% of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement. And the Bell Leadership Institute found that humour – along with a strong work ethic – was one of the most important traits in leaders. And humor is also conducive to learning and academic writing.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” ― Victor Borge

In a world of increasing competition for people’s attention, cutting through the deluge of marketing communications has never been more challenging. Consumer radar to sales pitches is at a peak, and so is disbelief. Humour, when done properly, can cut through the clutter and suspend a reader’s disbelief, making it an effective way to communicate with your target market.

  • Humour puts people at ease and is appreciated as it offers a small respite from what is otherwise an overly serious world. (Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a chuckle?)
  • Humour operates on an emotional level and can drive home your message in a far more memorable way than words alone.
  • Humour makes sensitive topics more approachable while summarising and reinforcing points that would otherwise be lost.
  • Humourous cartoons communicate at a glance making them the perfect choice for your print communications.
  • Cartoons may even encourage readers to look at topics they might otherwise skip.
  • The unexpectedness of a cartoon immediately captures a reader’s attention and can visually reinforce your message
  • Humour also adds a visual dimension to your marketing, differentiating your message from your competitor’s.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” ― Charles Dickens

More importantly, readers typically look at cartoons first — before reading adjoining articles or other copy. Ask the New Yorker magazine! When surveyed, 98% of their reader’s admitted to checking out the cartoons first.

 “Laughter is poison to fear.”― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

If you can put your audience at ease by using a bit of targeted humour, you stand a much better chance of having your serious message taken on board — it’s that simple!


(*Read Australasian Dental Practice magazine article on the use of humour)

Cartoon © T Goff, The Cartoon Bank